Space Engineers Feedback

Spade hazards
I feel the number of game hazards are not very diverse, especially in their preparation. I propose a few new properties for the player, and a few new hazards. I propose the idea of radiation, heat and electromagnetic interference. Radiation would be accumulated when near certain minerals, stars, nebulae, planets, etc. A proposed space hazard could also be a radiation storm / surge (ejection from a black hole / star). Heat would need to be regulated, and cooling / heating through the suit would consume suit energy faster (unless you has a specialized suit, or certain inventory items). Direct sunlight, planets, magma, mechanical devices, etc would generate heat. Being in shade, on cold planets, in ice nebulae / planet rings would drop your temperature requirements. Hot / cold could also affect wheels, pistons and rotors. Electromagnetic interference would be generated by nebulae, star ejections, malfunctioning equipment, or other sources. It would shorten range of radios, beacons you can see / broadcast, communications, microwave antennas, remote controls, cameras, and certain equipment could malfunction (such as thinking the player turned them on/off). These would add a whole new aspect to the game, as well as possible upgrades, preparations, space hazards, etc.

1337GameDev shared this idea 15/09/17 03:51