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Space for new source in ResourceDistribution.sbc
Please create a place in Sources for new sources from modes, eg geothermal power station, fusion reactors (stellarator, tokamak) .... e.g. Solars Priority 10 Battery Priotity 20 Reactors Priority 30

GTW shared this idea 18/02/18 10:55
NikolasMarch 05/03/18 19:10
its a simple definition file, they can be added with a mod cant they?
GTW 05/03/18 20:02
No. It is not possible to insert a fusion reactor between "Battery" and "Reactors" because the initial setting is Battery Priority = 2, Reactors Priority = 3 The idea: The fusion reactor is better than the nuclear reactor and I want the nuclear reactor to work only when the fusion reactor performance is not enough. 1. I changed the original source ResourceDistribution.sbc to: Battery Priority = 20 Reactors Priority = 30 2. In my Fusionmode I set: FusionReactors Priority = 25 That's how it all works to my mind
NikolasMarch 05/03/18 22:59
well you did it right? changed it with a mod? i see what you mean though, vanilla being at 1,2 and 3, a single modder would have to replace the whole resource source distribution definition to change priorities to add their own one in, which makes it not compatible with other mods that need to do the same...