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Space Engineers 2
OK keen if there is going to be a 2nd Space Engineers game this what i would like to see/what i want before and from the 2nd Space Engineers game (and idk what category to put this under so im going have it under the one i have) 1. please don't call the 2nd Space Engineers, Space Engineers 2 just rename Space Engineers 1 to some like Space Engineers legacy or Space Engineers legend something like that and name the 2nd Space Engineers game just Space Engineers 2. for the people (like my self) who bought the Space Engineers Deluxe should get the 2nd game for free or 75% off and the people who didn't get Space Engineers Deluxe but has the regular game should get 50% off the 2nd game 3. before the keen starts making the 2nd SE game we should have compound blocks in this current SE game 4. for the 2nd SE game there has to be a road map for the game and features shouldn't really be surprises 5. more communication between keen and the community please like ideas on this site should be addressed and give us feedback on the idea instead of ignoring the idea and communication on twitter would be nice (maybe have a live stream going thru the ideas approving or not approving and feedback on why the idea was not approved instead of ignoring the idea in a non half assed way unlike the way ladders was addressed cause their is a mod that adds ladders so i dont buy it that keen cant add them back)

DyingDarkStar shared this idea 15/04/18 22:20
DyingDarkStar 16/04/18 21:02
sorry if it comes off as aggressive or demanding