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Sound Volume Reduction or Customized Control for Production Blocks
The current production blocks like assemblers and refineries are incredibly loud, even from a long distance away or through several blocks. This adversely affects the enjoyment of the game and impacts ship and base design-- users are forced to place these blocks far away from other parts of their design. I propose either dramatically reducing the sound volume/range of these blocks or providing users with the ability to customize these volume levels. For example, the Nanobots Build and Repair mod on Steam features a slider in the control panel to modify how loud grinding and welding sound effects are:

Thrak shared this idea 28/01/18 05:37
SuicideNeil 31/01/18 04:06 What took you so long? :P
Thrak 02/02/18 03:38
Alas, real lifeā„¢ and a bit of time playing with blocks. Thanks for the votes, @SuicideNeil.
SuicideNeil 02/02/18 22:26
Hmm, this has been updated to 'Completed' apparently- I don't see a volume slider in the settings anywhere for any production blocks so I'm guessing they reduced the volume. Seems like they did- I need to be within ~5 meters/2 large blocks to really here my refinery now, and even pressed against it it isn't deafening any more. YAY.
Thrak 02/02/18 23:47
Well, that was easy....