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Small Grids on Large Grids; Large Grids on Small Grids
As it stands now, we are limited to building either big grids or small grids. Being able to place small ship grid blocks on large grids or large ship grids on small ships would provide for a very interesting addition to the game - imagine the detail that this will enable ship-builders to layer onto their builds.

Schwieger shared this idea 15/09/17 03:29
Xanthynn 17/09/17 01:00
+3. There are already mods that accomplish this but they are kinda janky work-arounds, and the current system of needing to attach a rotor is ugly and introduces needless complications in the terminal and opportunities for clang to strike.
KaneCold 19/09/17 12:45
out of votes i leave an long winded agreement... While i see the point in separating the two types of grids there is just to much great things to make when you are more free to use ... Turrets for Big ships is just one Idea or detailed cockpits for smaller vehicle. +Like
Darkaiser 17/02/18 18:22
I fully support this idea. Since a large block is exactly 5x5 small blocks, there is no reason not to make this happen. Just imagine all the really cool moving stuff we could add to our large-grid ships if we could attach small-grid rotors, pistons etc. Imagine being able to use a small Programming Block instead of taking up a whole grid for one. How about Interior Lights? Heck, almost ANY small block item could be useful when added to a large-block ship or base.