Space Engineers Feedback

slow down!!!
you guys need to slow your feature updates down! and you need to test this game on sub-optimal computers, aka what 75% of your customer base uses, because there are issued even with the options jacked lower than they need to be that would be caught instantly by a good test that crop up after every major update, and even many bug "fixes" you also need to give us time to enjoy a particular update before you add the next big thing, and it feels like you're rushing the game, like you aren't testing any of your updates well enough, so slow down, we'll be a lot happier with slower progression that doesn't break the game once a week

admiralpeck shared this idea 27/08/17 04:00
ronin 09/09/17 04:25
i like this idea
tomrated21 15/09/17 17:33
I would not prefer this because of feature development is going well at the current state
admiralpeck 10/12/17 07:24
yeah they do need to kee rushing things out to keep us interested, but half the bloody game is sill broken as hell, so they need to fix all that shit, maybe if they did that i might consider helping fund the game development a bit in some way, but i refused to fund a broken game
WoodenIncubus 11/12/17 16:15
I feel like development is running at a very good pace right now and they ARE fixing big bugs and gamebreaking things. After saying that, I believe I play on a sub-optimal computer (Some 500$ laptop from Amazon) and it runs at 30FPS constantly, regardless of if I'm on low settings or high settings. If I max the graphics, it drops down to 10FPS, but that's not something I force my computer into. I also don't attempt to load multiplayer (mainly as an internet reason) so my feedback is single-player based. Back when i first bought it, I did have to change my resolution to a smaller one to play, but now all I notice are slow load times if my graphics are higher than Medium.
mikrogen 30/03/18 12:01