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Sliders for Post Processing effects
Whilst the addition of Post Processing did indeed make things look pretty, it also made them blindingly bright, along with blurry, and dirty. The devs would have you believe this was intentional- indeed as Marek put it: 'it makes the game look more cinematic'. Well, this is a game, not a movie- 'cinematic' isn't very helpful when it obscures your vision and blinds you constantly- not very conducive to enjoyable game play, and forces people to turn off PP in order to still be able to play properly. We should have been given sliders for the 3 aspects of PP independently, but we didn't get them- instead there is one option, all or nothing for Chromatic aberration ( color fringing and blur most noticeable in the corners ), Vignetting ( dark corners- more noticeable if you set the field of view above 70 degree ), and Dirt ( why would you want a dirty looking screen to look at, anyone? ). Combine that with the insane amounts of Bloom & Glare ( oh my eyes, it burns it burns.. ), and the game doing the same old trick of pretending light sources stop existing when you aren't looking directly at them, and it makes the game far less enjoyable and indeed gives off a poor first impression if new & returning players have to spend hours fiddling with different graphics settings before the game is playable. In short, we need sliders for Post Processing effects in order for us to have a reason to keep that setting turned on.

SuicideNeil shared this idea 16/02/18 06:37
NikolasMarch 05/03/18 19:15
the new visual 'capabilities' added to the game are great, but for the love of GOD, give us some better control over them, not everyone likes the over the top settings that is set in vanilla that just few individuals decided on, and why oh why do we have to use a mod to alter these settings, these are graphics options they should be properly controllable from the game's graphics options, please allow us to experience these new visuals how 'we' like them, without either headaches, or forced to switch off all post processing effects!