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Single large block repair bot (with bot pathways)
I have had this idea for a while and I think with the planned idea of a tech tree this would need to be top level tech. Anyway my idea was to have a repair system for large ships. I was thinking of a large block with a conveyor that has a small repair bot in it. The idea being you have to have it connected to your resource network. When there is damage or when perhaps a specific projector block is turned on the bot leaves his block and races off to repair the exposed blocks. Now I think a system like this needs to have limitations. In my head it should only be able to drive on block surfaces and not fly. also it should have predefined routes it is allowed to use. Maybe that can be done with a bot walkway block or a special colour used on blocks I am not sure, I was thinking a bit like the jefferies tubes in startrek but I think the bot shouldnt be allowed to build these. repair them if damaged yes but not rebuild them from nothing. Something like this would be a great element for pirate bases and ships to repair after an attack for example. or perhaps you come across a seemingly derelict ship/base you get the power up and running and it comes back to life with repair bots running around bringing systems back to life.

paranoidsystems shared this idea 28/02/18 09:45