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Show block only in local terminal option for terminal blocks
Similar to the "Show block in terminal option", this option would hide the block in the terminal only when accessed from a terminal not directly connected to the grid the block is on. Purpose: Cutting down on the amount of items in the terminal for a large ship/station with many subgrids, but with blocks that should be easily and quickly accessible, from the right terminal. example: Grid A is a main base/ship. Grid B is a small drone ship connected via connector. It would be nice to have this toggle option for Grid B's terminal blocks so that I don't need to see all of the drone's parts when navigating the terminal at Grid A, but still be visible in the terminal when using Grid B. When you should see local blocks: using a local cockpit, local inventory or local terminal panel. When you should not see local blocks: remote connection via antenna or connection via connectors, rotors, or pistons. (remote connection into a remote control would be valid, since the RC is local) I'd suggest turning the On/Off to a On/Off/Local option, rather than a whole new thing in the UI.

Velenka shared this idea 26/08/17 10:42
HunterDigi 27/08/17 09:36
It would be nicer instead if ships were separated by connectors and have them show up in the drop down list. And also have 2 drop downs (or one extra) in the inventory so you can more easily transfer stuff between ships.