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Shooting while you're sitting
Well its simple, just its idea about being able to shoot while you're sitting also be able to drop things or put bloks

Tralen shared this idea 26/08/17 15:20
Tralen 26/08/17 15:25
I was talking about the passenger seat
RAG46 27/08/17 00:35
I like it. But how about all the tools? You could make some crazy things with that!
AutoMcD 06/09/17 02:53
i'm not sure how this would work? I don't want to accidentally shoot things while building.
gauge 29/01/18 22:52
Keen PLEASE! This is such a small game play element that would open up so man options for server activities. Just think, small grid PvP arena. Maximum block count 50. No turrets. No fixed guns. Teams of two fight. The winner is the team with at least on live player and a functioning grid.
Tralen 30/01/18 06:38