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So i like ship speed mods but I hate that large ships are too fast. would like the ships speed is relative to how many thursters are facing that direction and how heavy the ship is.

Goldmiin shared this idea 09/12/17 09:25
andreykl 30/12/17 12:27
>I hate that large ships are too fast Empyrion limits speed depending on amount of engines and players voted to remove such limit - it is inconvenient and unrealistic, especially in gravity. Additionally implementing speed limit that depends onto amount of engines in SE will mean that shooting down an engine will drop current speed. And what about blocks that are shot off? Should stop entirely simply because they have no engines? And what about gravity? It is an engine on itself and there ships out there that mostly use gravity to move. The problem is not in large ships being too fast, but in smaller/ faster acceleration ships being too slow - in other words, issue is in speed limit itself. It is normal for speed to be relatively 'unlimited' in space (and is actually possible to implement and some games do use it). So if you will have a larger ship with unlimited speed and smaller ship with unlimited speed, smaller ship will be able to reach large one as long as it has better acceleration (it often does). With speed limit present no matter how good your acceleration is, you won't be able to catch you target if speed limit is reached by both.
Savagehunter924 04/01/18 22:55
I agree the speed does need some work especially in gravity fields. when landing on earth id like to be plummeting to death not slow mo death. It just feels off. Im sure player with large ships dont mind but personally I wish i could fall faster. I like the idea of increasing the small ships speed while keeping larger ships slow. maybe we could have a new small ship thruster that will give our smaller ships more speed and make it so we fall faster in gravity :) that would be cool thanks.