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Ships log out along with the player
Have all mobile grids a player owns log out along with them, and then be placed back in the game if they come back, the same way that jumpdrives place ships at a destination. This makes cleanup of the server much easier without having to delete things from players who just aren't around for a while, prevents a lot of griefing, and gives a real purpose to stations, because stations would not be logged out, so they would be required to handle overnight refining jobs, or serve as shared storage for factions.

Aetrion shared this idea 19/09/17 12:07
FullSized 03/10/17 08:13
Sounds like a carebears attempt to make sure his stuff stays safe while he is offline.
Cronyx 03/10/17 16:57
@FullSized Even Eve Online has forms of offline raid protection. Player Owned Structures (POS's) go into "reinforced mode" when attacked, and begin burning a special heavy element for power, making their shields invulnerable until the reactor is empty, which gives the timezone'd defender a chance to *get home from work* and organize a defensive strategy with their allies before the timer runs out. Piloted ships vanish when their player logs out, unless they log out during combat, in which case there's a 15 minute logout timer before they vanish, to prevent exploitation. Eve is revered for its hard core stance on PVP, and yet acknowledges through game design, that players have real lives, and that players should never be made to feel like they have to pick between their real life and their hobby. There must be some accommodation, some compromise to meet in the middle and bridge the obligations of real life to the obligations of the game life.
Aetrion 04/10/17 02:44
How is wanting the game to respect the fact that you have a real life and can't play 24/7 being a carebear? For that matter, how is calling someone a carebear any kind of sensible argument? That's just being an obnoxious elitist who arbitrarily declares "liking that the game allows you to blow stuff up while the owner is offline" to be the required position to be considered cool enough to get in your treehouse.
FullSized 07/10/17 10:21
You are absolutely right. Why should I point out your obvious motives. Or why should I use a term like "carebear" which is widely used in the gaming comminity to describe people who play pvp game yet avoid or wish to be insulated from pvp. I didn't invent the term. Nor did I invent any of these other words. Don't bother attacking me son. You just waste your time. Instead spend your effort tyring ton convince the developers that you deserve to be able to cut a section out of the game for yourself denying access to everyone else. Convince them that you don't need to defend your holdings because you can just log off in anyone comes to attack you. Explain that you demand to play in multiplayer and yet refuse to accept that there are others involved that might not think the way you do.
Aetrion 08/10/17 06:14
Wow, really? You're accusing me of wanting to "cut out a section of the game for myself" when you're the one getting all bothered and insulting and accuse people of having an agenda because they want to be able to run an open server where their stuff doesn't get ganked while they aren't even online? You don't have to play on a server with those settings. Seriously, what kind of person gets angry about other people asking for something they enjoy that you are in no way forced to use?
xphoenixxx 28/02/18 02:09
This has obvious complications and advantages. Pros - would work with server ship transfer features for when ships are in limbo would reduce block overheads on servers Cons - breaks coop - your faction spends 12 hours building a ship then someone forgets to exit cockpit when they log off... poof gone large static grids and large ships are in essense the same.. should stations vanish too? small grid ships less painful if it goes offline, but sometimes you need a shared grind/weld/drill/supply ship which may be inconvenient to lose.
Aetrion 28/02/18 09:05
Ship logoffs would not be based on who's sitting in the cockpit, but on whether the ship's owner is currently online. So, a vessel that is jointly owned by the corp would disappear out if nobody in that corp is logged in.
BetaDaze 24/05/18 20:10
This is a really good idea, and something I had never considered. Now if your mobile grid was in motion when you log out... would it respawn in the same location you logged out in, or would it respawn at a point elsewhere based on the time elapsed vs your last known position and direction of travel?
BetaDaze 24/05/18 20:19
@xphoenixxx Large ship grids and stations are distinctly different in the way that stations are static grids and large ships are not. @Aetrion having a ship belong to the clan is not a thing... it only has one player as an owner, and clan has permissions... so if the owner left, it would despawn... just means you need one drill ship and one welder for every clan member.. no big deal, maybe even useful. @Cronyx Space Engineers is built on a completely different engine than EVE... there is no "event" for combat in space engineers as it is a true open physics sandbox.. so what you are proposing would not be possible.
Aetrion 25/05/18 18:43
@BetaDaze I think if they added such a functionality they could also add a little checkbox to the interface that let you mark it as a ship that doesn't log off. As far as moving ships are concerned, I'd assume the game tries to bring them back where they logged off, but not with their original velocity. There would be a logout timer, so having your ship be moving when you want to log might pose a few risks in itself.