Space Engineers Feedback

Ship security
I feel the role play / immersion factor could be improved. My dream would be an role play server, where you spawn on an indestructible station, and are given a room and hanger for yourself and some starting credits. Then you can choose a basic ship, and then mine, trade / attack to make money. For this to work, you need security for doors, console, crates, ships, etc. I propose addition ways to authorize to gain access. 1. A password / pin 2. A key card (wireless access) 3. A key (manually unlock things) The password option would be added to a door, console, etc and would prompt the user when they try to access a protected block / grid (such as remote controlling). You could even deny a user from trying again for increasing times after 3 failed attempts. This would be handled server side, and would be reasonably secure. The key card would be an inventory item created from a "security station" block. This block would be given a "issuer id" that would identity it. When a key card is created, it is created with a "role." This role could be anything the player adds to the security station block. The key card would enable the holder to interact with any blocks protected with that role, given that a security station block exists on the grid with the Id used to create the key card. A key would basically be given an Id when created (basically a password you don't have to enter) and the block would have that key Id added to be able to interact. This would enable security of doors, controls, crates, etc. I just found it odd that an entire grid can be compromised from a simple crate.

1337GameDev shared this idea 15/09/17 03:31