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Ship inventory UI, ejector block assigning
Main: So player access his cargo containers to dump the ore he had mined. And the player has a bunch of stone he want to get rid of. Usually he would throw it on the ground, or set up an Ejector with a Conveyor Sorter as a filter to throw ALL of it out. My idea is to add to UI an area, similar to player's trash bin, which he can bind to a certain Ejector in order to throw things there, instead of closing the window, and going away from cargo to do stuff. Not only the whole stack though. Could use this mechanics to add some more "quick dumping" targets and not scroll forever. --- Secondary: At this point, could make a togglable mode for displaying ship's storage/anything system, where player can see his ship things (assemblary, refinery, cargo, ejectors etc) as icons, connected via nodes, which represent how (and if) system is connected. Should have a number of filters though. Nodes and icons would have color assigning option for easy read, and all of that fun stuff for easy access without scrolling and typing names. I mean, player could create a query of things he'd access in situation at once, organize them in desirable order and size, and have a list of them to choose from, as well as default list of all cargo-capable modules as it does now. For another example of this system, they could organize lights in the room into a group by boxing them in as icons, than have group displayed same way, but on other tab. In this mode controls would open like they do now when you click on the icon, and to go back there'd be a button. Or have it be on side, which is much less comfortable.

Magistrio shared this idea 01/12/17 23:25