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SHIP gravity generator.
TLDR: Gravity generator that will only create gravity on it's own grid in rooms with oxygen. Positive changes with a generator like this added: -Your weird and large gravity field around your ship that's making you fall off into space. -Crashing gravity fields when two or more large ships are next to eachother. -More immersive. The generator would be best fitted on ships as the title suggests. And ships there are plenty of. It could draw power equal to scale of rooms/area with gravity. My suggestion would be to call this a "Ship/Atmospheric/Oxygen/Pressurized gravity generator". I submitted this idea back in the days on the old forum, together with gravity boots and having blocks check for airtightness. Now, airtightness and gravityboots have been implemented, but not a better way of creating gravity on ships.

AlexVestin shared this idea 14/09/17 21:42