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Ship falls to ground on earth like planets after adding piston or rotor
Steps to reproduce 1. Go to an earth like planet 2. Create a ship with enough thrust/power to be suspended in the air 3. Add a rotor or a piston What is seen: The ship slowly falls What should be seen: The ship should stay suspended in the air

Whiskey2049 shared this idea 01/09/17 15:00
Whiskey2049 14/09/17 22:14
The more blocks you add to the subgrid, the faster it falls
Lent 20/09/17 16:04
I guess that's a feature, not a bug. Subgrids like rotor or piston heads apply torque to the main grid thus dragging it down. To avoid it enable safety lock via the terminal or carefully place rotors around the centre of mass to avoid torque (like IRL).
Whiskey2049 20/09/17 18:42
@Lent safety lock doesnt help, it reduces the speed but the ship still moves. It just doesnt feel right. Imagine you have the same structure in 2 sides of the ship, one has a rotor and another one doesnt. Why is one of them making it fall?
posthy 21/09/17 19:56
Most probably the dampener logic doesn't count with the subgrids' weight thus the whole thing descends. It's a pretty annoying thing, because even a couple small block attached by a small-head rotor can pull down a big large-grid ship.