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Shields, ray guns and targeting computers.
Ever since I started playing SE I had this idea that I thought was interesting. I realized that battleships and large combat craft were at a disadvantage in the game because they are large targets and have few strategic advantages, which is a shame because, in every science fiction that has featured them, capital ships are an invaluable asset. To remedy this, I came up with the idea of a Shield block. The shield block would make a ship invulnerable to all weapons at the price of the block's large size (5x5x5) and massive energy drain. The Shield block would be set to a certain frequency that would need to be decrypted by a different kind of block on an enemy cruiser. The targeting computer would link directly to an antenna on a cruiser or battleship to search for enemy shield frequencies to deactivate the shields. The use of the targeting computer would create a massive energy drain but it would improve the accuracy of the turrets onboard. The targeting computer would have the option to "pulse" once it has honed in on a shield to deactivate it for a short time. To completely destroy the shield block, you would need the last block: the ray gun. The ray gun (please suggest a better name) would be a turret act in tandem with the targeting computer and deal no physical damage, but once the targeting computer deactivates an enemy shield; a single shot towards the enemy ship will cause the shield generator to explode as well as causing random blocks on the ship to turn off completely.

Iamcrapatgames shared this idea 14/09/17 21:31