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Server manager
Hi KSH, In the forums there has been some suggestions about this, but i noticed it wasn't suggested in this medium where it should. As you might now hosting a server takes a lot of time and effort, currently, with the server manager that's been around since the beginning, it's been a hassle to maintain the server where a lot of customisation is needed. One 3rd party developer did create a beautiful Server manager, but he hasn't had the time to continue his project, leaving it in a deadzone with unsolved bugs (SESM). I'd like to see a full server manager delivered with the game from scratch, which would make hosting a server a joy instead of a heavy investment.

strikerlord shared this idea 29/08/17 11:32
SevenSins 29/08/17 22:19
As much as I'd love to see this they should keep fixing the game / multiplayer itself first before taking a look at the server manager. The server manager could be the holy grail of all manager tools yet still wouldn't help anyone if the players on the server keep crashing or disconnecting every 3-5 minutes due to ingame bugs. Definetely needed but low on priority.