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Server jump nodes (aka zone points)
A fixed set of coordinates in each world that if the jumpdrive is activated there will transfer the ship and it's contents to the associated server. That way infinite worlds won't be needed and each world would act as a sector (or zone) of a larger galaxy. This should reduce the individual loads on several since players would be able to travel between server worlds. Example: Earth like world with one Moon than could have to six jump nodes that could connect it to an steroid field world, Mars like planet and moons world, an alien world with it's moons, so on and so forth. I think this should enable larger amounts of players to interact with each other and truly develope a civilization in the game.

Korvatus shared this idea 18/08/17 05:23
Tharatan 19/08/17 20:47
Would all these separate maps be hosted on the same server, so it is essentially running 7 instances of the game world, or are you proposing a cross-server link? If all on the same server, would this really reduce the overhead, since you still have the same number of player connections to the server? If on separate machines, do you only allow connections between servers that run the same settings and mods?
Korvatus 19/08/17 22:53
I'm just basing my idea off my experience with MMORPG's. I figured I'd let Keen sort that out. But if you could link every permanent server it would make a rather expansive galaxy for everyone to explore and build in.
Tharatan 20/08/17 02:37
The problem is that there aren't any permanent/official servers - they are all either hosted by or having hosting paid for by the people in the community playing on them. That means that KSWH would have no direct control over the longevity of any node in the "galaxy", and each node would have its own rules (inventory size, assembler/refinery efficiency, mods, exploration on/off, pirates, block limits, etc) - I think you'd have to be extremely careful making a link that actually lets you "move" to another server, as opposed to a server-linked battle system that just takes a copy of you and drops you in a shared arena without impacting you "home" server data. I like the concept, but I think that it would *extremely* hard to pull off successfully, especially in a game not designed to support that from the outset.
Reaper007 16/09/17 03:17
This could be possible. Lets say that Keen makes it so that every server option ("inventory size, assembler/refinery efficiency, mods, exploration on/off, pirates, block limits, etc") has a code on the server. So any server that has that same code (or the same settings) could have the ability to accept players from a server that has the same settings on it. The only problem is that when you get down to it, the amount of server that have the exact same setting will be very small. This idea would be great, but Keen would have to simplify the game settings. OR they could add a world selection that does not allow you to change any setting, this would allow players who want this type of travel to be able to jump between all the world in this selection.
Cyborgdelta1 17/09/17 22:43
I like the idea, just give server owners the option to make server links so if they want to make a network of servers they can i.e. I have a full dedicated server and have room to make 5 SE servers at one time It would be awesome to make each server a system and have players jumping from system to system with in my defined server list so can have a reattachment from some thing like the TV show the expanse i.e. Earth vs Mars.
Overwerk 20/09/17 10:35
actualy, having servers linked would encourage people to have similar servers. as for the standard galaxy, it could be the colection of all the vanilla servers with that feature enabled
Korvatus 22/09/17 16:27
It would be cool if this nodes could be linked with structures. That way people are encouraged to build massive jumpgates, even if it's just a GPS coordinate. It would also encourage welcome centers, so private servers can post rules and regulations. Another feature of this could be a warning system about jumping into sectors (servers) that don't support any mods the ship may use. Still would be funny (to the observers not the owner) if someone jumped into a vanilla sector with a heavily modded ship and watch it scatter into oblivion.
0rphan 24/09/17 22:30
I would like some kind of implementation where servers could create linkable addresses in-game to other servers I believe it would add a lot to the game. I have not been playing games in the past 7 years but space engineers peeked my interest again to play again I had had hoped that it would be a sandbox building game with the ability to explore yes it does but there is nothing there unless you start hopping around servers. I think if this was implemented it would bring a lot to the game when you could create a ship jump to another server into any situation and either co op with the players or go a pirating I did play a lot of eve online and did love the fact that when you jumped through a gate you didn't know what was waiting for you in that system and whether you adopted a flee or fight strategy and the expanse of eve there was a lot to explore this would bring something to play for with possibility of factions controlling the own areas of space make resources a bit scarce forcing you to either trade or fight over resources through servers those who like to mine and create and manage facilities could do so also those who like to plunder and fight could.
Archan79 26/09/17 17:46
Well, in our servernet we created some mod, so we have linked several server instances. Instead of reaching coordinates, we have commend to jumping between servers. After typing commend, server start counting down from 10 minutes, then your grid with you inside will be deleted from server, then you automatically join targeted server. After respawn you will be teleported ca. 30 km from center and then your grid will be pasted "around"you.
Korvatus 28/09/17 15:33
@Archan79 That's awesome, wish they would make that vanilla. Yet, I'm still partial to using coordinates or a structure to facilitate the jumping between servers. If they did this them were could use "small" "worlds" like somewhere around the 10,000km mark. That way you don't have to worry about performance loss from stay grids lost in deep space, and you'd still have to use the jump drive to reach the jump coordinates/structure. Plus it would provide a point that can be defended against invaders.
DSCoverwerk 17/10/17 09:14
actualy, this is how i think it could work this feature is reserved to dedicated servers, that way it is reserved to servers that are mostly online all the time. there would be a check in the options, allowing the merging of servers. ticking it would add an additional box, this one allowing (or not) the random spawning of linked gates to other randomly chosen servers). you can always build a gate to link two playermade servers together, and player gates have the advantage of being permanent. random and player connections will only be made if the player servers use the same mods and same server settings. to build a gate, you will require to make complete loop of jump gate coils that will determine the size of your gate. simply put, any ship that can fit through the gate on both ends can cross. you will get a warning if your ship is not able to cross the arival gate and jumping will be prevented. jump coils have to be connected to the conveyor system with the jump gate controler, a 3*3*2 block that act as the central control for the gate. the gate also require a massive ammount of power, and any active gates will broadcast the location of their controler across the entire server when active. jump gate controlers have a variable energy storage and passive energy usage. the bigger the gate, the more energy it can store and the more energy it pasively consume. when a ship uses the jump gate, it will consume energy depending on its size and weight, but mostly on its size. a ship that is barely fitting into the jump gate will either not jump or expand almost all the energy of the gate, while a fleet of smaller vessels could jump through without discharging it. to link 2 gates, you will have to enter the unique digit code generated by the jump controler, the unique ID of the gate. once 2 gates are linked, you can acess the settings and do a lot of things like de activate the gate, or regulate who can pass through your gate (faction, all or just you). if one of the servers which the gate is on is offline, the gate will automaticaly shut down. random connections are made through wormholes, they will randomly spawn if the checkbox is ticked, but they will only be temporary. they are also quite small, meaning that the bigger ships wont be able to cross. finaly, unlike gates, wormholes dont "recharge" their energy, and will disapear once their energy is expended, however, they will allow over discharge to reach 0, meaning you could theoreticaly jump a very heavy ship through the wormhole to close it if you so chosed. once a wormhole spawns it will become visible around 70km if never entered, but like a gate, will start a global broadcast once the first ship crossed it. this creates an interesting dynamic. on one hand wormholes are a sneaky way to enter a new server. if made right, you can jump your nessesary equipement and then force close the wormhole with a heavy ship, with any luck, while barely being noticed. on the other hand, if you colapse your hole, you become effectively traped in the server until you build your own gate back. through this vulnerability period any faction on the server could try and dislodge you if you are up to funny things, and the size and weight restrictions means that you coun't transport the whole return gate with you, exept if you are willing to only bring that. as for the gates you must be carefull about them at all times. should an enemy grind down the gate controler and hacked it, the controler would remain linked to your gate, potentialy with an invasion force sizeing the oportunity to jump their forces into your space. and thats about it, at least that would be a cool way to do it
bummins 22/10/17 17:15
This is exactly what i came here to comment on or suggest. This is what Space Engineers should have to make it a true Mulitplayer game. I've brought the game back in 2014 and have been hoping for this ever since.