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serious conveyor problem
the conveyor tubes often turn off, which forces to hake all the material and conveyor . sorry google translation

jojo5144 shared this idea 26/09/17 21:14
ichiyo77 27/09/17 22:06
More precision to this bug : All conveyors becomes red after relog to the server. We have to press "y" twice for "reboot" the conveyors to green and it works again.
Thiz 03/12/17 14:44
I've always "hacked" the blocks between conveyors to refresh the line, but that only works with the adjacent conveyor lines. I would also like to point out that conveyor transfer between two adjacent blocks (Like cargo containers) also fails.
UncleCletus 07/12/17 19:53
So, I experience this on a server but they are turned on for other people. What I have to do in this case is re-log and once I load back in the server they are on again.