Space Engineers Feedback

Separate Ship and Character inventory settings
We all know how tedious the grind can be when playing on the smaller inventory size settings, it can take dozens of trips back to the cargo container just to build a refinery on the realistic setting while only one or two are necessary when playing on max inventory size(Which seems to be everybody's personal favorite). However, a small change to game settings that allows for ship and character inventory sizes to be adjusted independently has as I've found a massive change on game play. With smaller ship inventories there is created a genuine need for cargo ships, large expansive storage bases, ship docking ports and multiplayer cooperation between people which otherwise is entirely necessary due to being able to store a entire city's worth of building materials in just a single cargo container which both breaks immersion and makes large player built facilities only an expression of creativity and not construction of logistical needs. Now the idea of smaller inventories may not be appealing to many, however, I have found in testing that this increased need for a diversity of machines to do the same task as one machine might on larger inventory settings adds enormous amounts of immersion for the player and personal investment into builds which would otherwise be unnecessary.

Harrapanization shared this idea 14/09/17 20:47