Space Engineers Feedback

Semi-Hardcore Mode - Singleplayer & Multiplayer
Currently survival can be improved by adding Semi-hardcore mode (current hardcore mode doesn’t work well as the game has issues with stability and it is ‘too easy’ to die accidentally). Proposed idea: That when you die, you don't lose ownership but instead lose exp or a chance to lose some "unlocked items". This will provide more risk for players and greater planning. 1) Also this feature can provide a platform for teaming up and having a “dumb” player who has nothing to lose or is low level but can contribute to a faction. 2) This also promotes trade opportunities for certain technologies (NPC or Player) 3) More challenging gameplay and encourages transportation gameplay ideas NOTE: For this feature to be working it assumes there is some sort of Exp or technologies/tiers to unlock. Progression is not a large aspect of the game (skins did bring some), however having an experience system that unlocks certain technologies or advanced parts and tool tiers only being unlocked with levels or exploration. - This would encourage players to explore planets/moons/space to find the technologies (blueprints/unlock blocks/unlock higher tiers). - Multiplayer can have more trading, stealing, collecting and exploration gameplay due to these. Pros: +++ Provides a framework for trading ++ Player progression keeps engagement and ship/building designs are more focused + More reason to explore Cons: --- Relies on working experience/level OR discovering/trading technologies (blueprints/unlock blocks/unlock higher tiers)

Kimx123 shared this idea 19/09/17 05:38