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Selectively change colors on entire grid
Have the ability to change groups of colors on a ship instead of changing each block. For example, don’t like the color of the stripes running down the side of your ship? Change the group color of the stripes in one go vs. changing one block at a time. Don't like the base color of a ship? Change the group color without having to redo all the stripes or trim on your ship. A big time saver when there are a lot of blocks to change or blocks are hard to get to.

TalRaeth shared this idea 31/08/17 14:55
TalRaeth 31/08/17 15:48
As an additional thought, maybe Alt+MMB can change all blocks with the same color ID as the one under the cross hairs to the currently active color.
MadHatter89 01/09/17 10:10
That is an amazing idea!