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Sectors versus Worlds Two related ideas for greater BUILDER content.
I am one of those who likes to see added game mechanics that "flesh out" a world such as pirates, random grids, etc. But the way I see it, the system is too completely "All or Nothing". In-Game, Simply put, you have a consistent distribution of roids based only one none, min, max or something like that. Planets are only in a few worlds on the start menu, otherwise have to be manually added, and the story goes on. Exploration is just lifeless AI ships who either thrash you or are really no challenge. I want to see creation of worlds for people to use BUT realistically, that can be huge task. Some people have the time to create a whole region in space with vast distances between. How about a method to create something like "super grids" at two levels. Sectors and Complexes: Two benefits. #1 The ability to create vast road networks, colonies, etc, WITHOUT the same server load as regular grids. SO maybe there is an algorithm and a set of super blocks (somehow) that when you convert a grid to this it combines large areas of blocks into these super blocks reducing the calculation needs. #2 The ability to create sectors. Simple version. A mini world with one planets. and the immediate area, say a moon or two, a few small colonies on them, maybe a super large NPC space station (trading/processing/public shipyard) that has grid protection. You place it on the workshop, set a trigger in your game map, and spawn it as admin where ever you like in open space, and there you go. You could have several of them as static sectors via yours and others Sector creations. Perhaps, you could even set some in deeper space to randomly spawn as an encounter and they only remain while you are logged in or leave the area.

RkyMtnDude shared this idea 19/08/17 21:37
Bleuhazenfurfle 09/10/17 08:01
If a grid consumes CPU in the forest, and there's no one there to see it, did it still consume CPU? The problem would seem to be, to me, if you happen to have just one mobile grid in the sector (including a piston or rotor on an otherwise immobile grid, or an explosive block, or asteroids enabled), you're probably not going to be able to do many of those calculation reducing optimisations — at least none that you couldn't do already in your active sector. I think I would like to see the "gating to another server" idea implemented, however. I could accept a — server admin spawned — progenitor style structure that allows the jump drive to transit an inter-sector wormhole, or something… (With the requirement that all participating servers be the same version, running the same mods, etc.)