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seats, cockpits, and suit player level customization for the HUD
Allow the user to grab elements out of the various pages in the "Terminal" view and set them to be sticky elements on their HUD. The size, and location are saved to the current seat, cockpit, or to the player's personal suit so that the next time the player is in that particular view, the same HUD is displayed. It would also be very useful to have different HUDS for internal view and external view of a cockpit. As an example: * if I am looking at Inventory and I see the content of my cargo container, I would like to "pin" the entire container view and place it on my HUD to stay persistently. This allows me to monitor the contents, amount of space, and weight of the specific container. * if I am looking at control panel and I just want the "info" area displayed on my display, I should be able to pin it to my desktop as well. * in the control panel, if I would like one (or more) controls displayed with the block's name, I should be able to pin those as well. Currently the hot bar takes care of some of the control panel elements, but the labeling is not always clear and when I have 10 timer trigger buttons, knowing which one does what is impossible. If I could simply put a timer block "start" button on my UI and label the timer block with a name that explains what this timer block triggers. This suggestion also implies that the pinned elements should be able to be scalable and the opaqueness should be adjustable. A mockup of my proposal from the player's suit HUD: * ui with custom elements.png?dl=0

mccorkle shared this idea 24/08/17 19:48