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Search Bar for Assemblers:
Adding a search bar for production in assemblers would remove a lot of hassle for having to search for the block and essentially making that feature more trouble than it's worth; which is a shame.

makromoo shared this idea 19/09/17 14:48
newscientist 19/09/17 21:01
If I had anymore votes I'd give them all to this idea. Long overdue
RitterValentin 20/09/17 12:50
knabber 22/09/17 14:29
This is a duplicate of (based on creation time) Please consider adding suggestions to that issue, so votes can be consolidated in a single idea.
forcedminer 05/10/17 16:16
Yes. Badly needed so if you have a couple of mods on that add parts to the assembler you can find them quickly. or if you're drawing a massive blank and can't find medical components