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Scanning System
A system that allows you to scan space and planets of course there would be counter system like radar blocking power shielding jump drive shielding First scan idea Radar a omnidirectional system that only shows pingback nothing more you now there is something but not what or how big Second scan idea Power scanner allows you to scan for power blocks like batterys and reactors solar panels and different power levels the closer you come the more you can find out at 200Km you can identify a power signature 150Km power level 100Km power sources 10Km power locations where batteries and reactor are general area a 5x5 radius of where the are Third scan idea jump Drive Tracker being able to see someone jump in and now their general ficinity range if the closer the jumped ships is the more you now 500Km a general location like north on planets but like left of the ship 300Km a More Detailed Location a Centered nav point of a 100km Radius where the ship whas 100Km a precise location it makes sense a jump drive should leave a signature if not propely shielded 4 scan idea its scans for weapons signature'sand residual weapons signatures but weapons being fired get you a beter location 200Km general derection 100Km new general derection 50 Km Precise direction no distance but like a arrow if you go there you wil find them either in 2km or 50 Km Resodiual distances halfed every 5 min 25 km precise direction next 5 min 12.5 and on till there is no signature any mor Scan idea 5 Jump Location tracker it trackes where a target has jumped to the coordinates range 10Km when the ships jumps decays after 2 min so you have to be quik

XxnickdraganxX shared this idea 03/10/17 16:58
Pharap 05/10/17 01:02
A while back I started working on a mod that functions a bit like the Discovery Scanner from Elite Dangerous. I got it working so such a system is definitely possible. These are all different ideas though so they should have been different posts. People who only want one of the five ideas will be put off voting.
Ramxius 07/10/17 10:31
The number one thing i keep hearing about this game (and have since Early Access first started) is that "I can build a ship to explore the why would I?" Until there is something out in space (and on planets) to find, and a way to do so effectively...this game will forever stagnate. Please implement a scanning system to allow for this kind of purposeful game play.