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Save Player Inventory
Me and everyone else have lost countless hours of production due to our players inventory being deleted on log out. I just got disconnected from the server Ive been on for hours through no fault of my own. The server is having issues b/c the server software sux. And so as a result I'm about to lose the last few components I needed to complete a project and I dont have the ore to make more of them. How does it make sense to delete player inventory every time they log out?

FullSized shared this idea 29/09/17 04:29
NikolasMarch 01/10/17 01:39
if my votes were working i would drop 3 here :)
zorgkirill 08/10/17 11:43
There is already a mod that adds this. So it just needs to be implemented in vanilla.
zorgkirill 08/10/17 11:44
btw Nicolas, you can reset your votes in options, and vote again
FullSized 10/10/17 17:53
Might as well not have welders in Vanilla b/c it could be added as a mod. NO! This is so basic to the function of the game that it needs to be vanilla. They better get on the ball with this stuff or "Dual Universe" is going to put them completely out of business.
user4752 17/03/18 01:09
It makes complete and perfect sense, since you are essentially killing yourself and no longer existing. As for the comments "this should be in vanilla"... It already is, and has been since 2015. It is called a Cryo Tube, ya know, that block with the EXPRESS PURPOSE of saving your inventory when you log out.
andreykl 04/06/18 11:28
It sounds like something that will be abused - when we log out, we essentially 'die' and will be respawned, makes sense that inventory will be lost. Ability to 'teleport' via med bays is a cheat enough as it is, logging out and logging in to find all your items moved to med bay will be even more of a cheat. What should be done instead: when player unexpectedly logs out (disconnect e t c), players avatar should stop any activity but be kept present/alive until oxygen runs out, if player reconects - he will reconnect to said avatar and will have a chance to recover the situation.
0Proxy1 21/06/18 14:00
yes, this feature is so damn annoying. the least they could is add an option to disable this feature
Aecnoril 06/07/18 15:12
I like the idea to have your character float around until you reconnect or your oxygen runs out (or the character dies after a few minutes). It would be neat if players dropped a backpack upon dying (or disconnecting) so at least the resources and tools don't just get destroyed.
mikrogen 20/07/18 16:03
Player persistency introduced in 1.187