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Sabiroids Ideas
I wrote this on the keen forums but thought I would put it here in the hopes that something may come of it. -- I would like to see the creatures have different personality types, different behaviors... not just "walk at player + attack player"... Giving the Sabirioid's a different set of behaviors could be really cool, some examples could be as follows. Sabirioids trying to get inside players base to lay an egg > egg hatches another Sabiroid > base infested with Sabiroid.... player would need to clean base of Sabiroid infestation. Sabiroi's to like warm areas to lay egg, something like being close to a large reactor. Sabiroids attack lights making it dark. Sabiroids probing players defenses from different angles, giving the Sabiroid ability to attack small interior turrets, about 3-4 swipes of Sabiroids attack to disable interior turret, maybe it would take a few sabiroids to achieve disabling an interior turret. Sabiroids having the ability to walk up walls, on roofs, down corridors, Sabiroids being able to get inside large ships, going back to the egg laying mechanic this would mean having an infected ship in space. Sabiroids would not need oxygen to survive. Sabiroids on asteroids in space, give them ability to jump in any direction and walk along players ship in space. Different ranks of Sabiroids, worker, soldier, scout, queen, kind of like how there are different ranks for Ants in the real world. Giving Sabiroids simple communications between themselves, having them actually able to communicate with one another... Example > Scout Sabiroid finds player base > Scout Sabiroid goes to tell Soldier Sabiroid where player base is > Soldier Sabiroid goes to player base. Once soldier Sabiroid disables any player defenses it would then go and get a queen Sabiroid and that would lay an egg in the player's base, I guess you could think of this like the Alien movies. It's stuff like this that makes AI characters interesting, basically what Space Engineers lacks, interesting AI.... I love the game but Space Engineers really does lack interesting AI for singleplayer, Sabiroids are interesting characters there is so much Keen could be doing with them.

KissSh0t shared this idea 30/11/17 12:17