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Robot/Android/Drone AI bots
Since navigation of moving 3D environments using jetpacks is a complex problem to solve for AI from a programming and pathfinding perspective, I propose the following additions: 1. Create an AI bot which cannot use a jetpack, but may use magnetic boots. The bot should be able to use tools, guns, etc but not place blocks. 2. Give these AI bots a Robot/Droid/Drone player model. The general idea is that giving AI bots for Space Engineers a robotic player model will help prevent breaking immersion should there be a glitch of some kind. Possible capabilities of the Robots would include: -Picking up and dropping inventory items. -Using tools and weapons -Occupying seats (or droid-specific recharge bays?) -Block Terminal options -Receiving TransmitMessages from Programmable blocks

Itchydani3l shared this idea 30/08/17 14:33
Darkaiser 31/08/17 12:49
I agree. One of the primary complaints I see on the Forum is that the game feels empty. Many players would like to have whole stations populated with NPCs. Later on, perhaps KSH or a modder could add more skins that are obviously robotic to simulate loader or repair droids?