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Rework the Motor Component
i think it makes no sense for there to be high quantities of motors in the atmospheric thrusters, even 18 in the small grid small atmo thruster looks a little too much, can we have their volume mass and ingot requirements increased so the numbers can be reduced and look more realistic? in with this idea is to rename the original motor to 'small motor', have the small motors for other blocks and small grid small atmo thruster, and add in a new large motor component for the larger thrusters, the large grid large atmospheric thruster with 1136 motors is just silly, every time i see this thruster, i get an image in the head of it with 1 tiny motor at the top with that one large fan part, with 1135 motors and small fan parts inside where we cant see :D

NikolasMarch shared this idea 04/10/17 16:54