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Rework of how inventory system (assemblers and such) looks, maybe even the control panel from a list to grid-like system
Not sure about the details of how to fix this, but even when I don't make huge bases or ships the inventory/storage system and the control panel are really clustered and confusing. I ve tried hiding certain things and grouping and naming and using the "hide empty" show system storage and every single way there is to the inventory system that keen has added, at the end of the day the search bar is the best way to find your storage making everything else keen added obsolete since getting into the typing position makes typing the first 3-4 letters of the tag you made the best option. the search bar shouldn't be the way you access things.. neither should scrolling down a list.. maybe have a grid style menu with folders for stuff that can be very similar to how windows explorer works

Different shared this idea 17/08/17 23:06
Charger 05/10/17 15:43
I like the idea of organizing containers in folders. It should help organize mess with of multiple docked ships.