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Rework Gyros to have more than one point of contact.
A general issue we all have with clang are blocks that only attach on a single block surface like gyros, pb, rotors and the like. To mitigate unnecessary clang I propose these are reworked to have multiple points of contact so removing one block won't create a nuclear bomb. There is no reason for the current state of these blocks other than aesthetics. Blocks should have at least two points of contact to mitigate clang bombs.

Cohors shared this idea 22/09/17 01:29
admiralpeck 24/09/17 01:00
jandraelune 24/09/17 01:59
Rotors due to the nature of how they function can only be mounted on the 2 sides.
Cohors 29/09/17 03:49
Rotors are all over the place right now, one version does have multiple points while the other doesn’t, and at one point they all used to allow placing them on their side.
admiralpeck 10/12/17 07:12
gyros are the things that allow your ship to turn, you know, the round dark grey balls that take up all the spare space in every ship's walls? rotors are not even relevant to this idea.
Cohors 10/12/17 18:32
You seem to have missed the point, it has nothing to do with their functions, but the questionable design of the actual blocks. Single contact points are just asking for trouble with this engine.