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Reuse the inventory space indication bar for ship cargo
When on foot, we always have a progress bar to indicate the space used in our inventory. However, when piloting a ship, whether in person or remotely, that progress bar still indicates the inventory space of the pilot and not the ship. My suggestion is to reuse the bar, or possibly add a second above it, to indicate the cargo space used in the ship currently being piloted. If there are multiple areas that can be filled, then indicate this using tick marks on the bar. For example, suppose you are piloting a mining ship and it has 2 available cargo locations: (1) the drill and (2) a medium cargo container. The bar would have one tick mark in the center to indicate the point at which the medium cargo container is full since it is the receiver of pushed ore. The second half of the bar would indicate drill inventory space used. This feature would help a great deal in focusing more on piloting the ship and watching gauges instead of repeatedly opening inventory or watching ship mass to determine relative inventory space available.

nutation shared this idea 18/08/17 14:58
Fantanplan 18/08/17 22:37
one inventory space indicator for the ship but add a checkbox on each inventory block to say if they are counted for this indicator.
nutation 19/08/17 03:11
That may not be necessary. They could use the hide/unhide from inventory view as a start.
HunterDigi 29/09/17 09:26
I'm thinking more like the bar should show inventory space for selected tool... that way you can see if it empties when you grind or drill, if it doesn't then it means your other connected inventories are full.