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Retain inventory on server crash (not logoff)
I can understand the preference for using cryopods instead of retaining inventory on log off. However, server crashes are not controllable by the player, so it is unreasonable to expect players to go into cryopods (or dump their inventory) before a server crash. My suggestion: - Player inventories and positions would be saved in every autosave. - If the server shut down or crashed, players would simply continue from where they were at the time of the last save. - If a player left the server voluntarily, their inventory would still be lost just like before.

Tuupertunut shared this idea 23/08/17 03:26
dcar 14/09/17 23:28
I respect the concept, but it would only be abused. People would learn to force their clients to exit unexpectedly and make the server think they'd crashed in order to save their inventories in contravention to the "acceptable" behavior. Better to just make all inventories be saved and add a new purpose for the cryosleep chamber, imo.
HunterDigi 29/09/17 03:33
My thoughts are that the character needs to be persistent, if you disconnect you'll remain in the world until you die and if you reconnect and your character is dead you can respawn like before. That way your inventory can be recovered by yourself or by other people when you die (or when they kill you), that way stuff just doesn't plain vanish anymore.