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render to texture => make all those screens on the blocks usefull
LCD screens are powerful tools, and used by many mods, yet why should 2.5*5 meter flatscreens be limited to displaying text? Imagine you could display ANYTHING, from camera feeds to radar scan results, there! Since there is already a mod (no longer maintained)for rendering cameras feeds to texture to LCD screens, it is definately possible. Now this mod only allows camera feed rendering, but even basic vector graphics for PBs would be a very powerful tool, and having UI screens etc.. showing up in actual displays is a really impressive effect raising immersion to a new level.

Karthaan shared this idea 01/09/17 22:33
DevonV 08/09/17 23:27
Have to second this. Tyrsis already proved that it is not only completely possible, but can be done with a minimal and dynamic effect on performance. The game can use a user configurable percentage of its available updates to render the camera feeds instead. Have lots of cameras? The FPS on each simply goes down. Just have one? Nice, smooth updates. Does your computer render SE at 120FPS? Then your cameras will look awesome. Do you have a potato? You can still have a camera! It will just be more slideshowy than the rest of your experience. I really thought we might get action on this when Xocliw showed it to Marek on stream, but sadly nothing came of it.
admiralpeck 17/09/17 00:47
you do realize there are already several relatively easy to use scripts for these kinds of things on the workshop, right? you don't even have to add any actual mods to use them, just some weird names for certain blocks and the will required to setup a few extra blocks, all the ones i've seen provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the script on the script's workshop page
Karthaan 17/09/17 12:05
well there may be scripts that allow for pixel graphics, however there performance using vanilla lcd screen rendering is shit, especially when it comes to real-time updates. Instead of setting (and CPU-rendering) each pixel from script, I propose beeing able to render basic shapes on lcds (points, lines, ellipse). When rendering, say a line on a 512x512 pixel screen in vanilla, you get 512*512*2=524288 Bytes. Rendering the same using a line primitive that is rendered on gpu, you only have the points between the line is drawn, 4Byte precision(float) * 2(2d vector) * 2(start+end point) = 16Bytes to calc on cpu. I know there are certain mods that allow something similar ( does that in 3d), but rendering lines on lcds has not been done yet as a mod, and scripts won't work for my purpose, as they hang the game so that i have to kill it from taskMgr