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Rename oxygen generator to Electrolyzer
It's more accurate since it makes hydrogen too, and sounds more scientific and apt for an engineering game. Side note, all the ship parts that are called 'block' like timer block kind of take some of the immersion away IMO. Should just be 'timer'

GusTar shared this idea 01/10/17 00:20
Astronomical 02/10/17 20:57
You can already change the name of any block in game to anything you want.
NikolasMarch 04/10/17 17:07
i think it is in process of being changed, the programming variables in the game IMyOxygenGenerator and IMyOxygenTank (or IMyOxygenStorage) are now obsolete, to be replaced by IMyGas....something, i forget the actual variable names, they can easily change the 'display name' for blocks without interfering with block compatibility and breaking peoples save games :)