Space Engineers Feedback

Remove rendered light count
Suggestion: Remove max renderable light count (this may be a hidden feature or bug even) or at least make it adjustable. The game should not be the one deciding how much light I want to / can see. Screenshot: Currently the game seems to limit the amount of light sources it renders at any given time (something 30-ish), while trying to figure out what to render so it looks acceptable. Unfortunately when building big enclosed structures in deep space, I find myself adding hundreds if not thousands of interior lights and spotlights from which a sickeningly low amount actually emit any light. They also flicker, probably due to the aforementioned 'tries to figure out which to render' thing. The issue also causes severe pitch-black areas where there should be superb lighting. This of course makes my structures completely useless and the game unenjoyable. Also to make myself credible, I'd like to state that I have 400+ hours in the game and have been around for almost exactly 4 years now.

CrypterEmerald shared this idea 02/04/18 22:51