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Remove bloom from LCDs
Remove all bloom from LCDs, but keep it on other lights. Bloom severely reduces readability, and really hurts our eyes. I made a mod that alleviates the issue, but it sacrifices the bloom where it is okay to have it. A picture that shows what I am talking about: The mod link:

drNovikov shared this idea 04/10/17 22:38
Peekofwar 06/10/17 03:14
This is definitely an issue. In fact, it also makes the LCDs look terrible. Let alone the highlight glow is just obtrusive.
SuicideNeil 07/10/17 23:53
Highlight-glow is obnoxious- a small control panel on the bottom or vertical inside-edge of the panel for access would be great, no need to highlight the whole thing when trying to just read it. The bloom effect is also awful and makes reading text far harder than it needs to be- it's like lighting effects in this game were an afterthought...
Kaemmelot 10/10/17 17:02
Definitely +3. A complete yellow glowing LCD is no fun either. It causes the LCD to be nearly unreadable when standing next to it and the bloom causes the same problem for medium to far distances...
Zeroghost 04/01/18 16:15
its a + 3 from me its realy bothering the players on my server just adding your mod made players compliment the lack of the horrible "feature"