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Release Goals for Player Count and Grid Support for Typical Servers
"All Hail Clang" It seems like there is no clear vision on what the target for server capabilities will be for release. I am not even sure that the min client side computer specs are set in stone yet either. My question(s) really is this simple: What is the current target max player( active online) and grid count (size and number of) for a baseline specced multiplayer server going to be for the release product? To me, currently, it seems like I would have to say it is barely attainable at 100k basic blocks per player with a 12 people on as the average for a typical server. More offline players, but not really much more in grids beyond what the server is set for. DO we have the current numbers and then also what the goal is that the Devs are shooting for for release? To me, clang be dammed. Is it possible for any exponential growth here? It is beginning to feel like twelve fish, at best, or less in a vast universe. each with a small bucket of legos. As a result, tensions run high sometimes or feel cliquey. My pipe dream will always be 100+ online players with millions (billions = civilizations?) of blocks, even large complexes and transport networks. As a result, I am constantly disappointed. Does anyone know what the current release roadmap is shooting for?

RkyMtnDude shared this idea 19/08/17 22:53
FullSized 03/10/17 08:24
Yea. Admit that you don't intend the final version of multiplayer to be able to handle more than 15 people and be stable for more than a month. We can all count our losses and move on to other games.
FullSized 03/10/17 08:33
I spoke to one of the developers over a year ago through email. They contacted me to see if I would be interested in running a test server for them to identify bugs and test patches. As the conversation progressed they said that "they put multiplayer in SE as almost an after thought for a "minority of the player base who wanted it". They actually thought and probably still think that most SE players don't care about multiplayer. This is likely backed up by stats about player habits sent to them through some spyware that came with the game showing that few player play multiplayer more than a few hours now and then. Ignoring the fact that most don't play multiplayer is because it is so broken. They also told me that the reason they wanted me to run a test server was because "they did not have the ability to run a test server in house". Now I don't know if that means they didn't have a single spare computer sitting around or if it meant that none of their people could figure out how to set one up. Either way as it turned out I was willing to take the job right up to the point where it turns out they didn't want to pay me for it. They actually thought I would use my own hardware and countless hours of my time to help them troubleshoot multiplayer for free. At that point I decided they were not and were likely never to be serious about fixing multiplayer.
RegEd 02/03/18 12:51
A considerable number of those single-player hours are people developing ships/structures etc. offline in order to later build them in the survival multiplayer server they play on. Surival is great, and I personally don't see much point in creative-mode online servers, but properly prototyping/developing anything other than the most simple of ships/structures in survival is tedious and painful at best (that block isn't right there, grind it down, place block, it's still not right, grind it down, play block, etc.). Perhaps there could be a kind of inverse projector block (or mode for the existing projector) that allows creative-style prototyping of stuff in survival mode, but which can only be used/detached from the projector once it's fully welded? Personally I hate spending three hours in creative mode offline worlds prototyping stuff on my own whilst my friends are all playing in survival mode on the server.