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Reinstate the flare for interior lights with _high_ intensity (for navigation light purposes)
The only thing I use the old interior lights for now, is navigation lights. You know, the blinking green, red, white and yellow lights. While I _love_ the fact that the flare was removed when the lights are used for... well... lighting, their removal kinda broke the lights as nav lights. They're not really visible and I don't really want to max out their range, because they're supposed to give a visual que (and look cool), not be an annoyance during flight... so getting the flare back on high intensity settings would be very nice, if possible.

malwaredev shared this idea 02/08/17 16:59
XeroCreator 06/08/17 20:24
This would actually be an easy fix, just increase intensity max on the light themselves and it does a similar effect!
malwaredev 06/08/17 21:12
@XeroCreator No, that wouldn't really make any difference. You couldn't move very far from the light before it stops being visible. It needs the high-intensity flare so it can be visible from a greater range without (a) being annoying on the inside of the ship in question (since light don't stop at walls) and (b) don't impact performance much.
Scya 19/08/17 11:48
Wouldn't be better to add "Navigation light" checkbox for interior lights making them visible over long distances?
XkyDiver 21/08/17 06:34
"Navigation Light" or "Flare Visible" or some other designator, yes. Scya, that's a great idea!
Absolarix 24/08/17 00:09
A "Navigation Light" mode which would cast light in a very little radius and be visible from a very far distance would be great.