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Refineries consume oxygen
Just what it says. Have oxygen be an ingredient in refining (but not necessarily the arc furnace), making atmospheric planet bases more valuable and adding an engineering challenge in space. Mass refining in space should be possible, but not easy without proper logistics. Let's not abandon our need for planets completely until the mid-late game. As it is, people make one launch into space then abandon earth because literally everything is easier in space.

Xurik4 shared this idea 23/02/18 23:40
antokamire 27/02/18 15:37
if oxygen is supposed to be heating the ores to extract the ingots i would disagree with this option. I imagined all the time that refinery's used electricity to heat things up. (induction heating as used today in small hobbyist smelters) If it is to introduce chemical refining into the game i also object since for iron carbon would make more sense and then you would need a reason to add it in not just to balance things out. I hear alot about balancing gameplay these days, but mostly this leads to strange additions to the game. like making survival harder only by making iron plates kost more ore. I would like to have the game take on a more calculated look, where people calculated what real world inputs and outputs would compare to in the game. it is ok to balance, but making things like refinery's just use more to make less is not something i want to agree on. because they already use a great amount of power. and we alos have oxygen farms which just produce oxygen while in sunlight. which would mean i would need to put excesive amounts of oxygen farms on my ship just to refine something.