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Refilling holes with dirt, stone, gravel or CONCRETE!!!
We need to be able to refill holes made by meteors and explosions or drilled holes. We should be able to refill these holes with soil or concrete. Also having a bulldozing tool to flatten out soil would be a good idea.

JASCO2 shared this idea 18/09/17 20:06
midspace 01/11/17 01:13
It would be awesome to be able to fill in the holes around asteroid and ground bases using waste gravel, turning it into concrete. Making what seems to be essentially the most unusable component of in the game (apart from a small amount to build reactors), turning it into a viable building material. And, making players able to interact with asteroid and planet voxels more than simply blowing holes in it all the time. And it isn't just players blowing holes, there are the meteor strikes and exploding drones to deal with, making wheeled vehicles not so fun if you are trying to avoid pot holes bigger than Godzilla's footprint. Been able to fill in the gaps, would make base building less tedious especially when trying to drill or cut out voxel just right to match with the base structure. Ideally the concrete should be harder to drill then normal rock, and not produce any material at all when drilled.