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Reduce the number of skin supply containers
Reduce the skin supply containers number, because if someone open it 10 seconds aftar falling an another. The technical issue with them is after i played 2 hours the games sim speed and fps strated to fall down. (and i think they break the gameplay with too often treasuere hunt.) However to make it balanced set up a little bit of the lucky open rate.

Csernay shared this idea 18/08/17 08:56
filcon 18/08/17 16:14
Default spawn of the personal container is 2 minutes between each drop for each player. It means if you open it, next one will spawn in 2 minutes. If you don't open it, next one will never spawn. Let us know if you see different behaviour. Default cleanup will remove some of the small containers, but not big ones. We are checking that.
Csernay 18/08/17 17:24
I guess 2 minutes not enough time, because this is a slow game, and it is not a Titanfall 2, enough if we can see container in 15 or 30 mins one, and delete them after 15-30 mins. This 2-5 minutes good for events, like we start skin thing event, halloween event or a christmas event etc.
Musel 19/08/17 11:40
i would rather suggest an interval of 40min to 1hour, to make these containers special. also: instead of marking the EXACT spot in landscape via antenna, can you mark an area, where the crate lands aproximately, so it's more like finding easter eggs, instead of just following the pin pointed GPS signal. in this case players who are not as nearby could have a chance to find the crate earlier than just the player who is the nearest.
megapro 19/08/17 13:36
+2 Yeah I'd like to see them spawn less frequent too as it gets kind of distracting but the win ratio for loot could be improved. I had about 20% chance of getting a new item skin when testing which makes opening crates a little disappointing most of the time. Maybe have them spawn every 15-30 min but with 50-75% droprate or something like that.
woodster 20/08/17 20:39
What about a game setting for spawn rate? That way keen doesn't upset one group of people who think it should be a faster spawn time vs those who think it should be slower. This should also apply to DS settings so that server admins have control of it in their worlds.
Musel 20/08/17 22:05
the game settings are already too overfilled for such adjustments, i think. just the right balance chosen by the developers according to the feedback should work.
BeerBelliedBear 25/08/17 04:43
I was excited when I loaded my survival world and found that the unknown signal that had appeared before I saved and quit last time actually gave me a skin. I agree that the spawn rate was too high, but now it's too WAY too low. I've been playing for 6 hours and haven't seen one drop. I was looking forward to collecting the skins, but the containers had such bad chances of giving a skin that I was wasting hours of time. I found 3 skins in less than 30 minutes, then nothing over a 3 day period and 50+ containers opened. At least the temptation to waste my time is gone, I guess.
mikrogen 25/08/17 11:29
Completed in 1.183.1
Csernay 26/08/17 13:33
How does it count 10-30 mins? Because since the fix i didn't see any containerin single player. I checked, they allowed, and i played/tested about 8-9 hrs yestarday, and i reload map when the contector-piston relation crashed my small ship into my base, etc. Could you fix this issue to, or i have to create a new feedback?