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Realistic structural physics simulation
The problem: Physics in SE are good but lack realism. The effects of different forced acting on the ship only affect it in one spot and any side-effects aren’t calculated at all. A long horizontal metal beam affected by gravity should bend. A ship that is suddenly affected by lots of torque or thrust should deform accordingly. A flat plane that is held in place (wall of ship etc.) should bend in and stretch the surrounding blocks when hit slowly by a heavy object. A light and fast projectile should just make a hole. The engineering challenge: With those features ships could be no longer built with a focus on fanciness and looks but instead with a focus on structural integrity and stability. Now the ship size, engine and gyroscope power would be limited by how well you design the ships superstructure instead of being limited by your computer performance. There would finally be a purpose and reason to build parts of ships in a certain way. On the other hand the blocks should be rigid enough that a thick central beam with a couple supports should be enough so it doesn’t get to complex. New blocks: A new very rigid block that doesn’t deform would have to be added or the Blast Door blocks could be used. There should also be an airtight Blast Door alternative in that case. That block would break and snap instead of bend requiring the player to think through constructions a bit more. Possible issues: The force and structure calculations will probably get very intense on occasion. To avoid complete lag there should be an optional feature to disable those calculations when it gets to intense for the computer to handle. If you like this idea please upvote so the devs will add it to the game!

komekjr shared this idea 20/11/17 13:54
komekjr 20/11/17 14:03
Pros: + More interesting gameplay + More realistic gameplay + Having to think while building ships + Each shape on the ship will have a purpose + Ships will have clear weak spots and tough spots Cons: - Having to think while building ships - Ship shapes will be more limited - Negative performance factor
terribleperson 22/11/17 04:24
I'd really like this, but it's probably way too complex and performance intensive. You'd need a whole new physics engine to do it right. That said, I'd like some degree of acknowledgement both on a SFX and gameplay level of the intense stresses some constructions are subject to.