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Realistic hyperspace
Please add more realistic hyperspace when you use jump drives for larger distance such as a (35k-56k) jump were you can still walk around your ship. Witch this can be set on/off in the world options.

Primoak6 shared this idea 25/11/17 05:06
DrThunder7 29/11/17 23:48
Realistic hyperspace? `Whats that look like?
Primoak6 29/11/17 23:58
Well look at like this when we use a jump drive in the game it's just like snap your there, were if you thank about hyperspace is just a greater increase in the ships speed to make a reaching a further destination faster to reach, jump drives don't work like this they give an effect that seems like you've reached a faster speed but like I said before it like at a snap of your finger and your there.
Xagen 01/12/17 10:12
Interesting choose of words for the title :D However i do agree that it would be better than the instant teleportation method.
DevonV 04/12/17 19:02
It's a jump drive though, not a hyper drive. Galactica, not Star Wars. Although for that matter the distances involved are so small even a hyperspace jump would be near instantaneous. Despite being frequently referred to as "light speed", hyperdrives are INSANELY fast.
xphoenixxx 11/12/17 01:36
Realistic Hyperspace - how it looks? It's traditionally called witchspace. I expect that basically it would be whilst the ship is still within the jump envelope and it is compressing the space around it. It would likely look like a combination of the smearing star effect you see in star trek and the current stretching space effect.. not unlike the warping seen in the movie interstellar; except be limited to the outside of the ship. In real science the effect would be known as lensing, in Alcubierre ( ) travel you would see space outside of your bubble distorted. Or more likely the stars would simply fade out to black for a while. This type of jump comes in two flavours.. the scifi- space-fold. which is a one off "skip" much how the current jump drive works, or a stream of "lensing" through space sort of like trying to slide a rubber ring along the length of a sausage balloon representing your path through distorting space - seen from the perspective of inside the ring - if space was printed on the rubber of the balloon. In either case the ship itself is stationary, which means you could walk around inside, assuming you can resist the nausea looking out a window may cause. If you were doing a very long jump, it might break it up into a series of space distortions, a bunch of smaller jumps "chained" so to speak. Which would basically be the existing jump effect on "ping ping" for a number of seconds proportional to the distance of the jump. Hyperspace per-se has no "realistic" analog since no form of travel even nuclear gets fast enough for stars to otherwise streak in your field of view. This effect is unique to spacial distortion such as Alcubierre or surfing the event horizon of a blackhole for a gravity assist. In any event.. this is quite a lot of coding to achieve a more esoteric version of what the jump drive already does. I suppose the lazy way to implement is simply multiply the length of the current jump effect animation time by the intended distance to travel.. but even then you are only really gaining a few seconds of shinies when jumping. Might even be possible to do this with a workshop mod if anyone wanted to float a proof of concept - but I cant see this being implemented vanilla any time soon.