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Real LCD's in Cockpits/Seats
The current plain backlit screens whilst in cockpits and Seats need to be actual LCD's that cna be used in the same way The LCD block can be used. This would make the Seat with the huge screen worth using (allowing the seat view as well as the current default external view), in addition the flight seat would have similar display as the corner LCD output. The Cockpit display would also be tremendously useful. This feature really is a no brainer, i mean the game has LCD's and the game has cockpits with LCD screens that do nothing, so why not combine the 2? Space Engineers needs this feature!

BeardieD shared this idea 21/09/17 16:20
Pharap 22/09/17 03:22
I concur, this would also be useful for tailoring particular seats to particular purposes. You can already bind commands to the number keys, so it makes sense to be able to display specific data on specific chairs. E.g. one chair could monitor and control power, one could monitor and control oxygen, one could monitor and control cargo flow