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RDAV's Fleet Command and what it says about the community
For those of you who don't know, RDAV's Fleet Commands MkII is a blueprint available on the steam workshop. Using the modules on the given blueprints, you can create ships that can controlled in a manner similar to a RTS. There is even an LCD screen that allows for a mouse-controlled, drag-and-select, GUI similar to Homeworld or other RTS games (It doesn't work in multiplayer). Of course there are a few limitations, such as enemies only showing up within 800m unless you use an extended sensor mod, and general bugs and collision issues, but it's rather solid considering that it runs entirely on programming blocks and timers. What would be great is if Keen supported the mod or even incorporated its mechanics into the game. RDAV spent over a year and a half creating this code, and it would be a shame for it to slowly fade away. I wouldn't even mind if there was a fleet command DLC that could be purchased for $5. I just want more gameplay and less sandbox.

31emanual shared this idea 16/10/17 17:37