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RCS (realistic) Thruster
This type of thruster (or simply a checkbox option for normal thrusters) would exert it's thrust on the grid at the exact point it's mounted instead of the center of mass. This means that if it's offset from the center of mass, it will create torque and cause grid rotation. Control of this thruster would be the same WSAD directional controls, but ALSO the mouse rotation. Placing these thrusters at the extremities of the craft would be a much more powerful turning mechanism than the gyro. Output of these will be modulated automatically to provide the maximum possible thrust without causing unwanted rotation.. So a matched set right and left could go 100% to go forward, but of they were varying lengths from center of mass perhaps one of them would only go 60%. Or in some strange arrangement there might be greater net forward force if the left side fired reverse. It would all be transparent to the pilot. This option would also be preferable for any thrusters mounted to rotors, as the thrust would be aligned with rotor axis, making thrust vectored ships viable again. Should you opt to make a separate part instead of existing thruster option, please consider the gimbal style thrusters as seen in Star Citizen.

AutoMcD shared this idea 23/12/17 00:54
AutoMcD 23/12/17 15:33
The gimbal part I mentioned can be seen well in this video: skip to 12:20. There's two you can see at the top/rear of the ship doing their thing as he prepares to park hard. An ion and hydrogen version would be cool. But if not wanting to make new part versions, a checkbox option to existing thrusters would be great.