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Range Finder block with continuous readout after given parameters
We have moving vessels or parts and have docks, hangars, other parts where we want to bring the first into. Or we want to perform an ace landing in narrow confinement. Imagine you have a special kind of sensor (I have been told the camera is the thing to derive the range finder from, not the 'sensor' we have in game) which measures distances in a specified direction - to your front, below your ship, above, etc depending on where you mount that block. You would get a readout of that block on your HUD or on a monitor you set up for it. The range finder would tell you the distance from itself to a surface its (radar like) measuring rays hit upon. I fancy even an audio readout like a computer voice telling you over sound block: "twenty-five meters... twenty-four meters... twenty-three meters" as you maneuver your vessel. Or with several range finders, it would tell "25 meters below... 10 meters on right... 15 meters on left" as you set up dimensions you wanted to have readings about. (Like for example "between 100 and zero meters, in steps of five meter segments" or "between ten and one meters, in steps of one meter segments") You could as well specify an alarm threshold, when the range finder block would not simply tell you distances, but triggers a warning signal as well - like when you have to stop before you hit an obstacle. For this you give him a number of meters in a certain direction when he is supposed to sound alert - over a sound block as we have in the game. Altogether a great tool for precise taxiing when your external view does not help you much and you want to remain in your pilot's seat, with trustworthy information assisting your maneuvers.

Cetric shared this idea 31/08/17 16:55
Matterom 01/09/17 00:36
Yeah that's like 5 minutes of work with a programmable block and a camera. combined with a LCD on Hud mod. But if you wanted sound block speech, there's no mod for that, and a full on voice synth would be a bitch to implement.
Bleuhazenfurfle 27/10/17 18:15
Yes, for the most part, especially when sitting in a ship, this is prime script and LCD territory, and the kind of thing you'd include in a collection of example scripts — just set the name of the camera and LCD, and off it goes. The HUD part is the difficult one — a lot of people don't like to (or simply can't) use mods, for example, if you're playing on a public server like I usually prefer to (I only play alone when developing an idea, and the associated scripts). To do it from script, the HUD indicator would likely have to be associated with the seat, or installed in your hotbar, and then there'll be a whole newscript interface needed. (Having one side of your HUD reserved for the seat you're currently sitting in, or having HUD options linked to hotbar set, should work pretty well.) I was talking recently elsewhere, about being able to drag and drop a block property into your hotbar or HUD, and having it presented as a gauge showing real-time value (my "value reference" idea, should show up in forum searches). Also ages ago, I talked about a blocks detail info being essentially a set of read-only properties from the games perspective (initially from the perspective of stopping that silliness with scripts having to parse the Detail Info text), which could be likewise shoved on your hotbar or HUD. (Way back then, I included LCD's, as in, you could drop a block property directly into the LCD, and it would be automatically updated as needed — based off that Detail Info text as a list of properties thing, they would know how to output themselves as text already.) Something like distance metering built into a camera, could be exposed either through that parameterised Detail Info method, or through a button that pops out a set of extra properties that don't really make sense for the terminal view, and which you then drag to where you want it. This would also make it like 4 minutes of work with a programmable block and a camera, or about 30 seconds with the bit that lets you skip the programmable block entirely and just go direct to LCD. Sound, though… That's a harder problem. As Matterom says, something entirely new would need to be added. I doubt Keen couldn't acquire a decent voice-to-speech library to drop in, there's undoubtedly some more or less reasonable ones kicking around totally public domain if they got really desperate, but you still need to hook it up somewhere. A sound block would be the obvious solution, give it the option to read a piece of text when triggered, and do the same trick with it's text as with the direct to LCD idea, then your only issue is triggering (actually, I've already hinted about a solution to that, too, in the value reference stuff, particularly my real old comments on it), so at the moment script would still be the way to go.